Save Chinese Restaurants

The Oscars! Whether you are a serious film buff or more serious about the designer gowns, gathering in front of the tv with friends and family or attending a themed party, has always been a must-do. This past year, most of us have done our movie viewings from our couches or beds or phones, so we wanted to keep the tradition alive with one of our favorite things—Chinese takeout!
This year, with violence against the AAPI community on the rise, it is more important than ever to support our neighborhood Chinese restaurants. Our partners at the James Beard Foundation have created the Save Chinese Restaurants campaign, as part of their restaurant recovery focus.

Save Chinese Restaurants

We also urge you to share your evening on social media by tagging the Save Chinese Restaurants campaign, part of the James Beard Foundations’ restaurant recovery focus. 

How to participate:

  • Post a photo of your favorite dish from your local Chinese restaurant (takeout or dine-in) on Instagram with the hashtag #SaveChineseRestaurants 
  • Tag @beardfoundation and @doughwine
  • Encourage friends and followers to order takeout and delivery to keep our local restaurants #openforgood

The James Beard Foundation’s  Open for Good campaign supports independent restaurants in order to survive the pandemic, rebuild stronger and more equitably, and thrive for the long term.
They have partnered with James Beard Award winner Grace Young on an Instagram campaign to support Chinese restaurants all across the country. All independent restaurants are in danger of closing, and Chinese Americans have faced additional hardship as racism connected to COVID-19 rhetoric has threatened businesses even further.

James Beard wrote about his appreciation for Chinese food in the foreword of the cookbook Eight Immortal Flavors by his friend Johnny Kan. “More and more I’ve grown to appreciate the subtle elegance of Chinese cuisine. It is truly, as most food experts agree, the equal of the French cuisine. Indeed, the classic cooking of China antedates the French and it has been perfected through many centuries.”

Help spread the word that Chinese restaurants are integral to America’s food culture and need our support now by ordering from your favorite local spot. For Oscar Sunday, April 25th, we are thinking an array of beef chow mein, steamed pork buns, shrimp dumplings, pot stickers, and egg rolls paired with our 2019 North Coast Sauvignon Blanc and our 2019 North Coast Cabernet Sauvignon, because much like how we all have our own favorite dishes, we should all get to have our favorite grapes to toast the winners with!

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