Bryan Ford

Award-winning bread baker, cookbook author and host of The Artisan’s Kitchen

"I chose to join this Ambassador program because equality in the kitchen is extremely important to me, and it is refreshing to see a fun and interesting brand like Dough making annual donations that will help further this cause."

Bryan Ford is an award-winning bread baker with Honduran roots and a New Orleans upbringing known for experimentation and innovation as evidenced by his hit cookbook New World Sourdough. Bryan is the host of The Artisan's Kitchen, launching this summer on Magnolia Network. He infuses his passion for his Latin American culture into his recipes on his popular blog Artisan Bryan ( and Instagram (@artisanbryan). Viewed in over 170 countries, Ford is especially known for his sourdough pan de coco recipe, inspired by a traditional Honduran bread. Bryan is working on a second cookbook that will specifically highlight and examine the baking history and culture of Latin America.

Holiday Pan de Coco Recipe

Bake and celebrate with Bryan Ford this holiday season.

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